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About Us

The city of Snoqualmie offers natural attractions and is a recreation paradise all year round. It is the main access point to Eastern Washington. Being in such a privileged location, it has encouraged the development of new residential areas and shopping centers, as well as hotels and luxurious resorts.

Locksmith Snoqualmie was born from the realization that this growth would require a lot of security service providers for the new residents and business owners. We got it right, as 72% of Snoqualmie homes were made after the 2000 mark, two years before the opening of our first agency.

We chose to become locksmiths because our previous experience in personnel management in several hotels across Washington taught us that there is nothing more important than controlling the access to sensitive areas in every commerce and residential complex. After a training process, we were certified by the Master Locksmith Association and started serving this beautiful city as a two-man company. In a short time we understood that in order to stay competitive we had to go further. We opened two more agencies in the City Center and the Spring Glen neighborhoods, and started hiring technicians in different fields including risk management, electrical engineering and iron workers.

We strive to provide the best training to our new recruits, as we adopted a customer service-centered policy. We hold strong values of cooperation and friendship, and we want our customers to feel confident when they ask for our help.

Today we are among the premium security providers in Snoqualmie, and have serviced more than a thousand homes and hundreds of businesses. Don’t wait any longer and navigate through our website and discover what we can do!